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Currently WYOBIRD faculty, staff, and students are housed in the Department of Zoology and Physiology under the College of Agriculture, Life Sciences and Natural Resources. However WYOBIRD is open to all students interested in studying birds and we collaborate with people, labs, and schools within and beyond the University of Wyoming. We offer internships for undergraduates where they gain UW credit hours while assisting with field projects in the Laramie area. See the Get Involved page for more information on how to participate in WYOBIRD.

Faculty and staff

Faculty and their students conduct research on a diversity of avian species and habitats within the state of Wyoming as well as in locations far beyond such as Panama and Hawaii. Projects examine questions on community structure, seed dispersal networks, hybrid zones, migratory movements, long-term demographic trends, impacts of energy development, animal communication, window collisions, avian parasites and more. Check out the faculty lab websites for more information on their work and how to join their labs.

Dr. Corey Tarwater
Robert B. Berry Distinguished Chair in Ecology and Associate Professor Director of WYOBIRD
Dr. Anna Chalfoun
Associate Professor and Assistant Unit Leader, Wyoming Cooperative Fish and Wildlife Research Unit
Co-Director of WYOBIRD
Dr. Patrick Kelley
Assistant Research Scientist
Co-Director of WYOBIRD
This could be YOU!
Assistant Professor in Ornithology

Graduate Students

Michael Castaño
Kelley lab
Mary De Aquino
Tarwater Lab
Paul Dougherty
Carling Lab
Whitney Gabbert
Kelley Lab
Reina Galvan
Tarwater Lab
Don Jones
Chalfoun Lab
Kim Jordan
Tarwater Lab
Josh Layfield
Chalfoun Lab
Kelly Roberts
Tarwater Lab
Emily Schertzer
Chalfoun Lab
Erik Schoenborn
Chalfoun Lab
Erin Stewart
Kelley Lab
This could be YOU!
Future graduate student at UW

Undergraduate Students

Bri Agenbroad
Tarwater Lab
Elizabeth Howard
Tarwater Lab
Katie Schabron
Kelley Lab

Undergraduate Avian Interns, Fall 2023

Jahshua Sanchez
Grace Peters
Therese Turner
Howarth White
Kylie Schelhaas
Hunter Nipp


Erin H. Strasser
Former Senior Project Coordinator