building skills and fostering community for UW students

WYOBIRD facilitates trainings, workshops, professional meetups, and offers funding for students involved in avian research at the University of Wyoming. See our social media pages for updates on our activities and announcements on available opportunities.

Connecting with professionals

WYOBIRD provides opportunities for students to engage in networking and discussion which can spur critical thinking and help build lasting human connections or collaborative relationships. We host invited speakers and hold in-person meetups with ornithologists from UW and external research groups. These outlets provide students with exposure to diverse topics, techniques, and tools used in avian research while establishing community with fellow students and scientists. 

Quantitative Workshops

WYOBIRD also aims to provide new quantitative skills for students, as well as faculty, by facilitating on-campus workshops that cover cutting-edge themes. In fall 2023 this includes a workshop on  analyzing ebird datasets and in spring 2024 we will offer a workshop on using the package RMark in Program R.

Communicating science

Communicating science is a valuable skill for scientists and students alike. We use digital and in-person outreach to inform various audiences of the unique bird research that scientists and their students conduct at the University of Wyoming. This includes presenting at professional conferences or to community groups such as local Audubon societies and sharing our stories and discoveries via social media and university-sponsored media outlets.

WYOBIRD Scholarships

WYOBIRD provides small scholarships to incoming graduate students to assist with moving costs or equipment purchases such as laptops. In doing this we hope to recruit and retain students of diverse backgrounds from varied locations internationally and nationally. Everyone deserves the opportunity to pursue a career in ornithology!


One of our aims is for WYOBIRD to transcend borders by recruiting high-caliber graduate students from diverse backgrounds from across the globe to the University of Wyoming. One thing we’re all proud of is the new small grant program to help international students with moving costs or equipment such as new computers.
Dr Patrick Kelley